Thursday, 2 January 2014


Hana's last night in my womb.. Last night before my title was change to a mother :')

Nurhana Qaleesya came to my world.. :)


Kenduri naik buai Hana

Our very first anniversary.. bertiga.. :)))

Our first small family vacation.. Genting Highland.. and Hana's first night at hotel..

Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Hana's first hari raya.. :))

Hana's first time high fever.. 

Hana;s first solid food.. apple puree.. :)

Hana's first time on flight.. Family's vacation to Langkawi (husband side).. :)

Hana's first dip into the pool.. :))

Family's vacation to Penang (my side).. :))

Papa terima APC.. Hana left at home with Wan.. sorry sayang.. :))

Hana's first teeth coming out.. :)))

Looks like 2013 is all about Hana.. :)) Looking forward to many many moree happiness and happiness and happiness in 2014.. :))

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