Wednesday, 3 July 2013

baby wearing - ring sling

honestly i'm not really into baby wearing but after read a few good reviews about ring sling, aku pon tergoda lalu menggodek laman2 sesawang yang menjualnya.. aku memang cepat terpengaruh ye adik2.. hehe

ada beberapa laman web yg aku jumpa jual ring sling ni tapi maapla ye.. tidakla ku ingat laman webnye.. but i found this famous website yang memang jual baby wearing. they have ring sling, woven wrap and orbit carrier.. so many choices.. sampai x tau nk pilih yang mana satu wa cakap lu.. at last i decided to get this

the one that i bought is exactly like this one but mine with smaller size.. yup they come in few sizes that you have to choose according to your height and size.. and the price is..... jeng jeng jeng MYR198.00 including postage and minisac.. quite pricey for a piece of cloth (for me).. my boss even said that the price is ridicolous.. haha let see if my hana will make this worth buying or not.. haha

you can get yours at

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